Thank you for wanting to get to know me. I got you some flowers.


photo by Stephanie Tarno

Who I am:

My name is Imani and as you can see, I enjoy flowers.

I’ve been a photographer since 2009 and love it too much to do anything else. I’m inspired by fine art, high contrast images, renaissance paintings, and a really good cup of earl grey tea with dried lavender (it’s the best tea in the world).

I specialize in creative imagery for musicians, boundary-pushing editorial style portraits, and documenting life’s most breathtaking moments. I want to be in the middle of where emotion starts and time stops.

With my background in photography, project management and social media management, I have developed the unique ability to see the bigger picture as a visionary, while also getting my hands dirty to execute tasks down to the last detail. I will always do my best to help your dreams become reality.

What I’m about:

My goal is to help capture exactly what it is you want to communicate through body language, colors, words, and settings.
I believe that human emotion is a beautiful superpower we possess and deserves to be used.

I want to make everyone feel as comfortable and as known as possible before we work together. I’m all about jumping on a phone call or even sitting down for tea to get to know you and more about your vision for your dream photos or campaign.

Let’s be real. Like, real real. I do not retouch or resize anyone in any of my photos. My heart is that you see the REAL beauty of who you were made to be. I play with light and angles to provide you with the most authentic images of YOU and only you.

I believe in honor and honesty. If we’re working together, every agreed upon term will be executed to the best of my ability. If something comes up, you’ll be the first to know.

Life is full of unkind people, so I hope to be the kindest person you hang out with and work with. You deserve it.